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The "Chin Chin Furougu" is a series on Youtube created by Papyrends. The video's are available to watch on the youtube channel "Papyrends' Trash". The series were inspired by one of Papyrends' earlier video's that's unlisted on the channel called "Igurusu Furougu Desu", which is a vlog about Papyrends' trip to the UK together with his classmates.

"Chin Chin Furougu" means "Penis vlog". However, the word Furougu has not been translated into Japanese correctly. The "Chin Chin Furougu" serie started in December 2019.

Chin Chin Furougu is about five teenagers who form a group together (Chin Chin Furougu Clan). These are Reifu Reihanatu, Comrade Yairu, Riamu, Ezuwaaaaa and Oppai-Masuta, though the fifth character is filming everything. They try to find and defeat "King Franics Ni-" which is a flying head in space close to "Planet Gyuunyuu" (Milk Planet). The king wants to destroy the universe and take all of their hentai. In the second episode, the members of the Chin Chin Furougu Clan are searching for a new member called "Nansune Guraafuku". This new member lives on Planet Gyuunyuu, and has the ability to give the teenagers magical powers. Reifu Reihanatu gets the ability to levitate objects by staring at them, Comrade Yairu gets nothing, Riamu gets a special Beyblade and Ezuwaaaaa gets the ability of "loudly screaming".

There are several characters in the series.

Episode Name Date Duration
1 The Return 29 December 2019 8:30
2 The Search 5 January 2020 5:29
2.5 The Birthday 18 January 2020 5:37
3 The Training 14 February 2020 8:33
4 The Blackman 19 February 2020 8:33

The Chin Chin Furougu series have both an intro and outro. The soundtrack of the intro is "Lonely Rolling Star" by Yoshihito Yano & Saki Kabata. The soundtrack of the outro is "Everlasting Love" by Akitaka Tohyama & Alisa. Both soundtracks are from the video games "Katamari Damacy" and "We Love Katamari" by Namco.

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